Jacobson Sales Leadership - Sales Team Growth & Development Expert



What if you could:

→Recruit with 95% confidence that your new sales hire will be successful.

→ Improve individual sales skills.

→ Increase your sales teams closing ratio.

→ Reduce excuse making.

→ Increase lead flow.

→ Move deals through your pipeline faster.

→ Better predict your monthly sales forecast.

→ Decrease losses to your competitors.

→ Have an actionable process to address these issues and more.

There are many testing firms out there but there is only one which has a sales specific assessment and has won the best, "Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool” award for 7 years in a row and that is Objective Management Group. You will find on my web site links which take you to Objective Management Group. You can be assured this is a safe site chock full of terrific sales specific information.