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I work with Presidents and CEO’s of all size companies and in every industry to increase sales effectiveness and grow revenue. I do this by diagnosing their sales team DNA through sales specific testing. From this I am able to determine each individual sales person’s current sales capabilities. I then develop a plan to increase their sales effectiveness and grow revenue with a repeatable process. I deliver both the strategic and tactical plan.


About Dave Jacobson


For the past 30 years I have held sales leadership positions in diverse industries. Coupled with 7 years of owning my own sales consulting business. I am back in sales consulting and have found my true passion. These experiences have given me a broad range of first-hand knowledge and a wealth of stories which I leverage and use in my coaching.

I am particularly adept at coaching individuals to dig into their potential and drastically improve their sales skills and effectiveness. I am an expert at communicating company strategy to all employees. A sales person has to understand the, "why" a company is asking them to do something before they can effectively sell. 

A Servant Leader is someone who puts others first and works tirelessly to help them reach higher. When they are successful the whole team prospers. This has been how I have led for years and only recently found out there is a term for it. I focus heavily on building relationships both with team members and through strong coaching.

I live in the Boston Metro area with my wife and we have two grown daughters. My wife and I love to go for long walks and chat with our neighbors. Listening to our neighbors tell stories of their children and seeing them grow reminds us of our own journey. I don't answer calls or look at my phone while out walking. This gives us time to decompress and focus on what is around us. It is good to freely connect with my wife and neighbors. 

Reading, fitness, watching football and cooking are some of the activities I enjoy.



Northeastern University
B.S. Marketing/Management

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