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If you are lucky you get an opportunity to work for some great bosses in your career. I was very lucky to have worked for Dave for three years at Regus. When I started with Regus I was in a floater position working as a Customer Service Representative. Dave approached me and through our conversations determined that I had much more potential. He took me literally under his wing and coached me, empowered me and allowed me to thrive. Dave asked for a lot but I always knew he had my back. Under Dave I received several promotions along with raises. I am now the Area Manager for Regus, running Sales & Operations for several locations. None of this would have been possible without Dave.

Dave is also superb at translating corporate objectives into actionable meaningful steps for his team. I highly recommend Dave as a Sales Expert and Sales Coach. Your sales organization will be better utilizing Dave’s talents.
— Allison

My company has had a Regus Office for years and David is the General Manager of the operation. My experience with Dave is that he is quietly competent. Things get done and done well. Plus he is friendly, gracious, and conscientious.
— Larry

Dave is a straight-shooter, negotiates fairly, and has done a great job to meet our company’s evolving needs over the last four years.
— Marc

Dave is one of the most competent individuals I have ever met. In his position of General Manager Dave was always willing to help out with any issue and his attentiveness to detail was superior. He was an excellent listener as well as a great salesperson. Many of his staff grew within the organization because of his managerial and training skills. I would highly recommend Dave for any position he pursues. He is multi-talented.
— Barry

I worked for Dave for two years and had the rare opportunity to not only have a wonderful boss but a true mentor. Dave gave me the opportunity to transition from my Operations role into a Sales role allowing me the opportunity to use my strong relationship skills. I have been a very consistent performer and owe Dave the credit for recognizing the latent sales skills I had. Dave and I also jointly interviewed and hired six people. Our record of hiring the right person for the role is over 90%.

Dave loves sales and understands how to coach, mentor and manage people. I would highly recommend Dave as a Sales Coach.
— Ruchi

Dave is one of the rare managers that serves naturally as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. I have worked directly for Dave for a year and a half, and my success has been a direct result of his guidance and unwavering work ethic. His leadership, patience, and professionalism has made our team incredibly strong and close knit, which has in turn made each of us happy to come into work each day and continue to go above and beyond. Dave’s sales and management style should be a standard across the board, as our large variety of prospective and existing clients all respond amazingly to his upbeat and genuine personality.
— Ryan

Dave hired me as a Customer Service Representative for Regus 6 years ago. Dave has become not only my manager but a mentor for me. From the beginning he was interested in my personal development. He took the time to train me and he gave me the opportunity to learn and grow.
When I left to have my 2nd child and decided to take a few years off Dave was supportive. He was also right there for me when I was ready to come back. Even though at the time he was not my direct manager, he went above and beyond for me speaking directly with the hiring manager. I’m now the Community Manager for Regus.
I know I can always reach out to Dave for advice, guidance and coaching. I highly recommend Dave and would love to work with him again.
— Irina

I hired Dave Jacobson as my sales coach and we worked together for a full year on a monthly basis. He is very strategic, extremely insightful and gave me valuable feedback that helped me generate many more sales. His advice works.
— Monica

We had the opportunity to work with Dave for about a year. He was amazing to work with! We found Dave when we made a commitment to take our business to the next level. He helped us with hiring, putting policies in place and developing our sales staff. He is a joy to work with! And our business is flourishing because he helped us realign our company to optimize personnel inside and out.
— Kathy

Dave is the kind of manager people want to have when they are first starting out in a company. He puts extra emphasis in training, in setting clear goals and objectives, in leading by example, in offering constructive criticism, and in bringing warmth and humor to the work environment. He encourages you to be the best you can be. Working for him was a real treat and a great learning experience, and I credit a lot of my present success as a manager to him.
— Cole